Devotionals - Life Lighter

As a Christian, it is of great advantage to
know your enemy; the devil and all his devices
in detail as this will enable you to overcome
him in all spheres of life. In this explosive
series, Emmanuel Makandiwa exposes the kingdom
of Darkness and teaches on how a 21st Century
Believer can live a triumphant life that is free
of demonic influence and manipulation.

God’s way of thinking is different from
that of men; His ways of reasoning are far
beyond and above those of men and the way
His mind works is different from that of men.
The way He defines things is not the way we
define things as humans, and as such, he has
got his own definition of Life.

If you ask this question why the former
days seem to be better than these current
days it means you lack wisdom. God is simply
trying to make us understand that if you are
born again you can never have a yesterday that
is better than your tomorrow. If you are
saying the former days are better you are
lacking vision and sight, you cannot see
what is coming ahead of you.

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